The Card



The Card

The Atout Culture card is rechargeable and must be retained.

Your Atout Culture card is affiliated with your personal account.

It will allow you to:

• Purchase tickets at any time to shows presented by network members.
• Give the gift of shows and performances to other cardholders.
• Take advantage of exclusive rates when available.
• Buy tickets from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?
Once you have made your first purchase, your card will be mailed out to you.
If there isn’t time, you can pick up your card the same evening as the show. The ticket office opens one hour before the show.
Your purchases will be charged to your card automatically.
You will then receive a receipt for your purchase by mail or email.

General admission:
Swipe your card and pass through!

With an assigned seat:
Swipe your card, take the coupon indicating your seat number and pass through.

In the event of an error, the ticketing agent will access your account to complete the necessary changes. In the case of a malfunction, you will be given a new card on the spot. The old card will be cancelled and all purchases will be transferred to your new card.